20 May 2020 A Green surface and surrounds completed
Club News

Roll out of new green begins at Kardinya

The roll out of the Kardinya Bowling Club’s new 40-by-40-metre international size “A” Green has started and should be completed by Monday the18th May 2020.

Click here for a review the “A” Green photo gallery.

The new Evergreen Ultra Plus Gold surface is similar to the one installed at North Beach Bowling.  Being lighter in colour than standard darker types, the new surface is expected to enhance visibility under the retractable overhead shade cloth, which has been a temperature-reducing feature of the Kardinya greens under hot playing conditions in summer.

The A-green upgrade has included the installation of new plinths, widening of the ditches and new timbering for the backboard ditches.

The old synthetic sand-filled surface, which served the club well since 2005, was pulled up recently and donated to the Spearwood Bowling Club.

A spokesman for the contractors said the new Kardinya green would take 14-15 tonnes of sand, which would be swept into the pile of the synthetic surface.

Next week will see the commencement of watering, rolling and testing of the new green to bring it up to a desirable playing speed.

No final decision has yet been made on when Kardinya’s “B” Green will be resurfaced, or the overhead shade cloth replaced. This work was originally scheduled for 2021, however, given all the disruption caused by the Covid-19 crisis, the club’s management committee will now need to re-assess this subject in coming months.